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Punching / Die Cutting

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Punching paper enables the reproduction of any number of shapes. The punching tool consists of the punch which is the inner mold and the die which has a corresponding opening. In addition to the punching element the punching tool can also contain creasing lines so that punching and grooving (preparation of the folding edges) can take place in one operation.

Punching makes it possible to bring a third, shape, dimension to printed products such as: a star form, as bookmarks or door hangers in hotels. Typical applictions are flyers, stickers, business cards and posters etc.

Almost any shape can be produced. There are various possibilities for punching: on printing machines, presses or special punching machines.

The paper to be punched must have certain physical characteristics – most specifically stability so-as-to accept the punching process without suffering any surface damage. To ensure performance the paper should have a certain thickness and grammage.

Advantage: Punching enables you to create a unique, extraordinary and individual product – which differentiates and makes a statement.

Disadvantage: Higher costs especially for smaller runs resulting from the tooling costs for producing the die. In this case a laser cutter is more flexible.

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