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Explore our offer under the headline "Stationery" to find the perfect products to create your company's external image on paper. Whether you need business cards, letterhead, large or small envelopes, labels or photocopying paper - Metapaper products ensure a coherent corporate look. We are the one-stop shop for all your stationery requirements.


Metapaper envelopes are made of uncoated paper to create theideal writing conditions. Metapaper envelopes are available in the following finishes: EXTRAROUGH and SMOOTH, in Warmwhite, White and Coldwhite. You can combine SMOOTH envelopes with all SMOOTH papers and EXTRAROUGH with all ROUGH papers.

EXTRAROUGH envelopes without window are available in the following sizes: 17x17, C6, B6, DL, C5 and C4. Window envelopes are available in the sizes DL and C4. All Metapaper envelopes are made in Europe using 120 g/m2 paper. Their style is modelled on US-American envelopes, which means that nothing is printed on the inside of the envelopes. Additionally, the envelopes have adhesive strips and very wide flaps.

SMOOTH envelopes are available in the sizes C6 without window and in DL plus (C6/5), C5 and C4 with or without window. All SMOOTH envelopes are made in Switzerland with a grammage of 120 g/ m2. The position of the windows and the format of the flap are based on Swiss design. The inside of the envelopes is printed in grey-brown.

Additionally there are C6 and C5 envelopes available with a pointed flap and a silk lining. You can also order large resealable C4 envelopes with a grammage of 400 g/m2.

The Metapaper brand is not printed anywhere on the envelope as the client's brand takes absolute priority. A complete list of all available envelopes, dimensions and details can be downloaded here.

Metapaper can also produce customized envelopes from the paper of your choice and in any format you may need. The minimum quantity for this service is only 2500 envelopes. For more information, please contact


Metapaper produces matching envelope labels. Labels are available in all shades of whiteness. They are available on a 500 x 700 large format sheet for customized label sizee as well as in smaller cut-size formats.

A4 Copy

To complement your stationery, Metapaper offers matching 80gsm A4 copy paper available in all three shades of whiteness - for a coherent application of your corporate design on all print products, including internal printouts. A4 copy paper is available in ROUGH.

And a detailed list of all envelope and labels, with exact dimensions, cut, window position, etc. can be downloaded here.

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