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News 06/12/2019

The Ocean Adventure

Lebensbaum fans beware: our friends from United Letters present their second book "The Ocean Adventure". The book is of course completely customizable and is just waiting for the kids to immerse themselves in a great sea adventure. And it is not simply a beautiful story; it also contains an important message for children and adults – a message that is more topical than ever. Find out more about the book and how it was created in our interview with Johanna Lehman, founder of United Letters.
Metapaper: What is your new personalized children's book "The Ocean Adventure" about?
Johanna Lehmann: Imagine you are sitting on a glittering sandy beach when suddenly a friendly sea turtle climbs out of the rushing waves.
She takes you on an exciting and magical ocean adventure. You are introduced to the undersea world of the ocean dwellers and they ask you to help them with a great challenge. You, brave and imaginative as ever, must develop a great plan to help the animals of the ocean!
With the personalized "The Ocean Adventure" book, we take each child on a journey which teaches them all about the ocean and the creatures and inhabitants that live there. We also playfully encourage them to protect the oceans and donate part of the proceeds to the Coral Restoration Foundation, which is dedicated to building coral reefs.
Metapaper: How did you come up with the idea for your second personalized & inspirational children's book "The Ocean Adventure"?
Johanna Lehmann: As a diver, writer and mother, it breaks my heart to see our oceans polluted and how so many of the world’s coral reefs – which play a vital role in sustaining life on earth – are suffering and at risk of being lost forever.
What can each one of us do? I personally think we should inform our children, the future generation, what they can do to protect our oceans and to live carefully.
That's why last year I published another inspirational and personalized children's book, The Ocean Adventure, where kids learn how to protect the oceans in a magical journey.
With this book, a matter of the heart has come true, because the protection of our oceans and their animal inhabitants is so important to me. For example, did you know that more plastic than fish will swim in the sea by 2050? This is dramatic and has consequences not only for the sea and the animals but also for the people who eat fish with pathogenic microplastics.
Metapaper: What exactly can I personalize?
Johanna Lehmann: All the important features can be personalized so your book becomes a unique customised, personal gift. You can customize the name, skin and hair colour and gender. You can also give the book your own personal dedication along the way, such as: insert a beautiful baptismal phrase into "The Ocean Adventure" Book.
Metapaper: Are there any special details you want to point out in "The Ocean Adventure"? What can readers look forward to?

Johanna Lehmann: The most important thing about "The Ocean Adventure" book is that, as part of a beautifully illustrated maritime story, it brings our children closer to the theme of protecting the oceans and their inhabitants. And because the children are our future, I want nothing more than that they understand better how to live in harmony with our planet. Our high quality hardcover books are printed sustainable and produced with love in Germany before we gift-wrap and send them to our little readers. And of course they are personalized.
Metapaper: How did you decide on the paper and book equipment? How does it fit in with the story?
Johanna Lehmann: It was important for us to produce sustainably in Germany and to produce long-lasting books, which can be viewed and handled by many small children. Since the book contains beautiful underwater illustrations, it was important to us that the children can have a good look at the book - this is beautifully achieved with the sturdy and stylish LayFlat bookbinding.

We thank Johanna for the interview and the important message in "The Ocean Adventure". We can all contribute to improving the environment that is our habitat. And the sooner we become aware of it, the sooner we will begin and, step by step, create and experience a healthier and more sustainable world.

"The Ocean Adventure" is produced on EXTRAROUGH White 175gsm in digital printing at Nino Druck in Germany. The children's book is available here from United Letters. The interview for the other book by United Letters, "The Tree of Life" can be read here.
Photo: © United Letters

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