Breakfast of Inspiration 2022. Cafe, croissants and loads of input

News 04/26/2022

Metapaper Roadshow 2022

Hello Metapaper-friends,

We are very happy to invite you to Metapaper’s 2022 big breakfast roadshow again this fall.

Enjoy great coffee, croissants and orange juice whilst being introduced to a wide range of exciting paper and print news, topics and highlights, including details of our 10th Anniversary, details of two new, sustainable papers – 100% recycling + 100% upcycling – Printfarm features and updates and of course THE BLOCKCHAIN, Europe's first blockchain poster project, NFT's and NFC included.
Join us in ten cities across Europe – from Amsterdam to Munich, Hamburg to Paris…and hopefully a city near you.

Registration for our breakfast events is quick and easy – see our landing page.

Hope to see you soon,
Your Metapaper Team


More exciting news:


Cards with NFC chip anyone? Let's go to PRINTFARM...

You don't want to see QR codes anymore? Then maybe we have an interesting new solution for you? With immediate effect, we can announce an exciting new partner for NFC cards on the Printfarm: Bizy Cards. And the best part? - Bizy Cards also supply the NFC card software solution. Our new NFC cards are produced from our fantastic Mulitloft product. To find out more click here to visit Bizy Cards at the Printfarm..

NEW: BAGASSE de COLOMBIA - made form sugar cane

We were extremely disappointed to have to discontinue our FIBRE CREAM and ORGANIC GOLD products due to supply-chain challenges, but in every negative, there is a positive and we are very excited to announce an exciting new addition to our portfolio: BAGASSE de COLOMBIA: made from 100% sugar cane fiber, a waste product in the production of sugar. Available In 150 and 295gsm. Interested? Samples are available here in our sample section.

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