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News 02/01/2019

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The new year may yet be young but we have a wealth of good news and information to share with you. Here we go!


Expanding the Metapaper RECYCLING-Range with EXTRAROUGH RECYCLING

From mid-February, very very soon, we will further expand our RECYCLING range. Until now, we had SILK RECYCLING and EXTRASMOOTH RECYCLING. Now it will be perfectly complemented by the long-awaited EXTRAROUGH RECYCLING! Your will hardly spot a difference to EXTRAROUGH White but it's 100% recycled paper! Get one of the very first EXTRAROUGH RECYCLING samples by preordering here.


The largest Metapaper breakfast event roadshow yet - »Show & Tell« 2019

Also in February we kick-off our largest ever breakfast event roadshow – 25 cities across Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Austria and France! Interested in attending? Excited? You can sign-up now – and when all location are 100% fixed we can confirm all the details and your attendance! We look forward to seeing you. To be the first to know when we have an event near you, sign up for our newsletter now.


Events Metapaper will be visiting in 2019

If it is not so easy to make one of our breakfast events maybe we can meet you at the ADC festival or at Dutch Design Week? We will also be attending the Print & Digital Convention.


More new papers in 2019

February is a busy month…. We will on top launch two new and very exciting papers: Metapaper ROUGH 5% and the Metapaper PHOTO-paper. What is the meaning of 5%? And what is hidden behind our PHOTO-paper? We’ll tell you very soon! Don't miss the news by signing up for our newsletter here.


We look forward to a great year with you!




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