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PURE COTTON paper is made from 100% cotton linters. The supersoft cotton fibre is ideal for embossing and letterpress and creates distinctly visible embossing contours.

PURE COTTON is available in white and warmwhite shades  and in  350 g/m2 and 710 g/m2. The lower substance paper is  very popular for folded cards while the higher grammage substance is an excellent choice for standard cards.

A special highlight is our new T-shirt white 100% recycled PURE COTTON – produced exclusively from cotton T-shirt scraps and remnants. Available in 324 gsm and, thanks to Mohawk's i-tone technology, perfect for indigo / digital printing.

Due to the high grammage, PURE COTTON in 710gsm is not suitable for digital printing. Unfortunately the sheet is too thick to feed through the machine. Letterpress or offset are commonly used printing techniques. As for the finishing touch, there are no limits to your imagination.

If you would like to develop your entire corporate stationery around PURE COTTON, we recommend EXTRAROUGH for the letterhead and the envelopes; the EXTRAROUGH feel in lower grammages delivers a similar finish and feel.


The home of PURE COTTON is the French paper mill Zuber Rieder, one of the smallest and most exclusive paper manufacturers in Europe.

You like top-quality paper and fine cheeses? Why not plan a visit to the paper mill in the idyllic valley in Besançon and to the many cheese dairies in the area during your next holidays?

Vive la France. Vive PURE COTTON.



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