Europes Biggest Corporate Design Conference

Conferences 06/23/2017

On June 23, CXI_2017 takes place in Bielefeld. With great speakers. And with Metapaper as a paper partner.

Ask yourself this question: How do you create an effective corporate or brand identity project? What are the roles and responsibilities of the client and the agency and do you ensure the complex brand process is executed and implemented effectively? There are many factors to consider and number one is the quality of the collaboration between agency and client. This is where CXI delivers – featuring informative presentations from both sides which cover the creation and development of projects such as:

SAS, Copenhagen | Bold, Stockholm

Future Candy, Hamburg | Arndt Benedict, Frankfurt

Hering, Berlin | Edenspiekermann, Berlin

Khanna \ Reidinga, Amsterdam | MOIA, Berlin

Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg | Heine / Lenz / Zizka, Berlin

Gretel, New York | VICE, New York

The CXI conference is organized by the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences and is the largest corporate and brand identity conference in Europe with more than 700 visitors.

We look forward to being the exclusive paper partner of CXI in 2017. On our booth you can configure your individual ART CARD and discover new products and services from Metapaper. We look forward to seeing you in Bielefeld.

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