A world first, ROUGH DELUXE

Products 12/14/2023

[Translate to english:] Metapaper Rough Deluxe

After two years of development and testing in cooperation with Dürmeyer Print Media, and experiencing several set-backs, we are delighted to announce the launch of ROUGH DELUXE the world's first rough uncoated paper for digital finishing.

ROUGH DELUXE is available in 122 and 300gsm and a white-warmwhite shade that sits between our established white and warmwhite shades. Produced with 30% recycled content, the sheet delivers an impressive contrast between high print gloss and a matt, rough paper surface.

Thanks to a unique finishing technology, ROUGH DELUXE works perfectly on the HP Indigo, dry-toner and Inkjet digital platforms, and on offset. The unique chemistry also ensures excellent performance on digital finishing technologies such as Scodix or MGI.

With ROUGH DELUXE, you can not only print unique individual pieces but also apply unique individual finishing techniques to each and every piece – for example, applying a foil that can be customized for each print or a customizable varnish in your desired color.

For small print runs, digital finishing is also an exciting alternative, as there are no additional tool costs.

As usual, you can order free of charge samples of ROUGH DELUXE here in our sample store. Needless to say, the paper is already available for you in our online shop.


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