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Are you looking for the original coated paper? Made by the inventor of coated papers in Europe? Look no further, because MATT is the right paper for you. As a so-called machine-finished paper, it is not calendered after it has passed through the coating machine. Opaque white is applied to the paper as the final step in the production process.

Metapaper MATT is also known in the market as BVS. A long time ago, in 1892, the Scheufelen paper mill brought coating technology from the USA to continental Europe. From a marketing point of view, “1892 MATT” might have been a better name for this paper. But this would not work with Metapaper’s philosophy.

MATT is suitable for offset printing as well as HP Indigo digital printing. The paper is available in White and in grammages 135 g/m2 to 300 g/m2. For a standard coated paper it folds amazingly well. Furthermore, MATT is fast-drying and can be processed very quickly. However, this only matters for conventional offset printing.

We recommend that you try MATT yourself. The paper is FSC-certified and on request we can also deliver MATT paper PEFC-certified.

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