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…  as the name implies is a paper with an extra matt finish. This is the first paper developed by Metapaper. The Lugo paper mill near Bassano di Grappa in Northern Italy manufactures EXTRAMATT. It is anyone’s guess whether Grappa played a role in the development process or whether this paper is purely the result of hard work. The fact of the matter is: EXTRAMATT is the world’s roughest coated paper . Moreover, it folds extremely well and was developed as the first premium art paper for HP Indigo digital printing and dry toner digital printing. Offset printing with EXTRAMATT also achieves fantastic results. However, due to the rough surface of the paper you do need to allow for a longer drying time.

With a very thin coating, EXTRAMATT has a significantly higher bulk (1.15) than  standard coated paper. It is available in White and in 115 g/m2, 145 g/m2, 165 g/m2 and 280 g/m2.

EXTRAMATT is manufactured on one of the smallest paper machines in Europe. Only small machines are flexible enough to produce such a rough paper. At 280 g/m2, the paper consists of two layers (duplexing).

Although we are thrilled about this fantastic paper, it has one minor – hopefully tolerable – disadvantage: Delivery times for amounts of five metric tons or more, i.e. for drop shipments, can be quite long. But this paper is definitely worth the wait!


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