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Lettering Pad

Views 26 set 12/2021

When paper enthusiasts meet, great things happen. Recently, Ann from Pink Ink Lettering contacted Metapaper for information on sustainable paper. As professionals for print products but laypeople in handlettering, we first sent her a variety of different papers for testing.
We were delighted to learn that they were suitable for handlettering, and that Ann even found some new favourites: ecoFIBRES Birch and ecoFIBRES Black. The paper was even resilient enough to survive a creative beach vacation. Based on our enthusiasm we jointly developed this one-of-a-kind handlettering pad you are now holding in your hands. Designed by Pink Ink Lettering and produced by Metapaper Printfarm, everyone was able to contribute their expertise to the project. We hope that the selected combination of black & white and thick & thin paper will be suitable for all your creative ideas. So, let's create something today.

P.S. You can find a blog article about Ann's paper finding process on Metapaper.


Photo: Ann von Pink Ink Lettering



Agency / customer

Pink Ink Lettering

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