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Business Card Ulrike Heydenreich

Business Cards for Artist Ulrike Heydenreich

Views 28 set 08/2018

The artistic work of Ulrike Heydenreich is characterised by its special handling of material and the unique combination of classical pencil drawing and graphical elements - often borrowed from cartography. Such unique features and stylistic treatments are reflected on their business cards - with certain elements blind embossed and hand etched by the artist.

The result is visually reminiscent of the classical frottage technique and combines several of Ulrike Heydenreich's filigree stylistics an extraordinary execution. And as a result of the individual hand treatment each single business card becomes a unique collector's item ...

The cards were converted to EXTRAROUGH White 430gsm at Letterpress 77.

Printing house

Letterpress 77



Agency / customer

Open Studio / Ulrike Heydenreich

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