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Imagine it's possible.

Our Print Partners can create every product you imagine....But if not...We can tackle it. We promise.


Large volumes, small volumes, all the formats, all the materials, all the finishes and all the binding – we offer the lot. From a single source.

Transparency = quality.

With our Printfarm we always identify the perfect Print Partner for your project – and all of our Print Partners come with the Metapaper seal of quality .

Printed locally.

Printfarm is Europe’s largest premium print company network. With the platform you can select the perfect partner for the most local and quickest production possible.

Here’s how it's done.

Click. Click. Print. Your print product in three easy steps.

Configure your project

Produce your finished product in a few easy steps – and to help along the way we have created print templates, wiki articles and projects to help, inform and inspire.

Choose a printing company

Based upon your selection criteria we identify and propose all the suitable and capable Print Partners. You can request quotations from up to three printers – who will deliver your offer in no-time.


Once you receive your offers you can select the company that best meets your needs. All you need to do then is upload your print PDF and you’re done.

Let's print. Your favorite.

Discover the diversity of Printfarm. For the realization of your print project. Anytime, anywhere.

Printfarm Direct. Order specialties and small quantities directly.

Here you will find all specialties and / or small run products that can be ordered directly from us e.g. brochures, cards, lay flat, magnets, Riso or even your individual newspaper.

Rather hear what the Printfarm is? Here to the podcast.

Axel Scheufelen, co-founder of Metapaper, explains the Printfarm to you. What it is, why it is being built and why it can facilitate the production of high quality, individual and unique print objects.

Film off. This is Printfarm.

You want to become a Printfarm Print Partner?

No job is too small. Every job is critical. You love a creative challenge. You are perfect for Printfarm.

Would you like to know how to become a Printfarm Print Partner and deliver new and exciting print projects to your customers?
Click below for our participation terms and conditions.

Learn more.

The sky is not the limit.

Printing locally in Europe has never been easier. And every day we are working to expand our network and build our community into new territories and regions.

Support your local printer: Do you know a printer who should be included in our Printfarm? Do you want to recommend a Print Partner? Perfect!
And by way of a thank you….
A recommendation will deliver you a 5% discount on your next Printfarm project.


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