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Europe's first BLOCKCHAIN-POSTER project

Blockchain Poster

Here you can find all information about our "THE BLOCKCHAIN" poster project in cooperation with the Hochschule der Medien, the agency g-kx mediaHOUSE, the Galerie Kernweine, the beyond tellerrand, bizy cards and our Print Partner Heenemann.
What is it about?
NFT is a "Non Fungible Token" that allows one to acquire ownership of a digital artwork. To make this possible, a work of art must be "stored" on a blockchain, or processed into a token (data record). This means that it can be traced back to the owner in the blockchain (with information about the digital artwork and copyright) and cannot be manipulated.
And the link to the analog world?
In our project THE BLOCKCHAIN we produced 100 artworks not only as NFT but also as posters whereby the 100 posters are based on each other. So they reflect the logic of a blockchain. Poster and NFT are considered as a unit and can only be purchased together. Each poster has an NFC chip on it, which can be used to find the matching NFT on the blockchain. This ensures that it is the original artwork (NFT and poster).
What is the goal?
Our collection is named and themed "THE BLOCKCHAIN." This is about the visual representation of the blockchain technology, which consists of a concatenation of blocks. The images contain repetitive graphic elements and each subsequent motif refers to the previous one, representing the general data structure of the blockchain. At the same time, they have an individual design to represent the uniqueness and indispensability of NFTs.
The project is organized as a charity campaign together with beyond tellerrand. The posters include a QR code to this project page and thus to the two organizations that are supported:
Makuyuni and Skate Aid.
In this way, the fundraiser can run as long as the artworks exist and everyone has the opportunity to participate at any time.
The value of each image is determined according to the blockchain principle. In this process, the posters can only be purchased in a fixed order and the value of each next poster increases by purchasing the previous one.
And this is how it works when you purchase your "THE BLOCKCHAIN" poster in the Galerie Kernweine or at the beyond tellerrand:
1. scan the NFC chip
2. the NFC chip contains the poster ID and links you to a URL where the poster ID is validated.
3. with the poster purchase you will receive a "Secret Key" (a key), which you can enter on the URL where your poster ID has been validated.
4. as soon as the Secret Key is validated, you can enter the Wallet address to which you will receive the NFT belonging to the poster.
5. done. In your wallet is your NFT and in your possession the physical poster.
Via the database you can always check which poster / which NFT belongs to whom.
You don't have a Krytpo Wallet for your NFT yet? A crypto wallet can be understood as a bank account in the crypto world. MetaMask is recommended as one of the most common crypto wallets. This can be used as an app or in the browser. You can find detailed instructions on how to create the wallet here. To showcase your NFT simply register with your wallet at opensear.io.

You can also have a look at THE BLOCKCHAIN on OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/metapaper-the-blockchain




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