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Project: GK_MAG_001 | Paper: EXTRAMATT, SILK RECYCLING, ROUGH | Printer: Nino Druck

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“PEPPA - Illustration and beyond” is a set of 5 booklets each featuring a contemporary illustrator offering an insight into their work and studio.

Buch- und Offsetdruckerei Heenemann

Heenemann produces a variety of print media – delivered to the highest quality and talking to the target audience. Personal support, sensitive solution strategies, individual service and constructive cooperation are the fundamental foundations of their corporate philosophy.

Rough 5%

ROUGH 5% is based on our Premium Offset ROUGH sheet “with a hint of colour”. Our 5% black creates a GREYWHITE shade, 5% blue is a subtle BLUEWHITE and likewise a hint of green and pink in GREENWHITE and ROSEWHITE.

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