Embossed (Leather, Linen, Micro, Wood)

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Metapaper EMBOSSED is available in all three white shades (Coldwhite, White and Warmwhite) and 5 different embossed finishes: LEATHER, LINEN, MICRO, STONE and WOOD.
We offer one-side embossed 300gsm 1020 x 720 short grain from stock.
One side embossed 100gsm and two-side embossed 150gsm 720 x 1020 long grain and DL, C5 and 17.5 x 17.5 envelopes are also available upon request. The minimum order is 1000 sheets / units. Lead time is 5-7 working days.
Images of the embossed finishes can be seen below.
Whist all embossed finishes are created on hybrid paper – suitable for all print processes – the structure of the embossing can make it more difficult for digital print processes (indigo and dry-toner) to penetrate the depths of the impression. We recommend working with your print partner to test full areas in advance of full-scale production. For HP Indigo printing we also recommend setting press temperature as low as possible and press pressure as high as possible to get the best possible result.

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