Metapaper x France

News 08/26/2019

Bienvenue with croissant and coffee

It’s here!
Metapaper is extremely proud to be operating in the French market and to further establish our position we are delighted to announce the launch of our new French Website – which will be live early September.
You can already preview the site @ - it’s not 100% complete…. But we are working on it…
And to further build our presence and to support this launch on September 26, 2019 @ 09:30 we will deliver our first “Breakfast of Inspiration” in Paris at the Salle de la Cooperative de Bien-être, 74 Av Denfert-Rochereau, Cours Robin - No. 4, 75014 Paris.
Metapaper together with a small group of partners will preview our product range, showcase our unique platform and business model and share some fascinating and exciting French projects. Joining us will be Maurice Bensimon of Picture Perfect Paris, to present digital printing trends and possibilities and to showcase their fantastic low print-run lay-flat system. Entrepreneur Philippe Hadey will present his latest project Fubiz Print, art print on demand, a unique project which will see outputs generated and printed worldwide using the same printing technology and paper. And lastly, artist Jay One will talk about the importance of printing in the arts and share his experiences of working with us.

The event is free of charge and you can register here:

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