The people behind Metapaper

Axel Scheufelen

The Scheufelen family has a proud history in European papermaking. Axel’s grand-grandfather was responsible for bringing the first coated papers into Europe and his granfather for taking the first paper to the moon – developing specialist papers for NASA space exploration missions. Axel has continued the legacy, creating exciting market leading paper brands such as Heaven 42 and EXTRAMATT. Having developed great papers, Axel’s mission is to make it as easy as possible for printers and designers to use these papers and to create great printed objects. This is the vision of Metapaper – to build the ultimate paper and print online platform for printers, designers and corporate communicators.

Olaf Stein

Olaf is the creative force behind the Metapaper brand experience. A graphics and design evangelist, Olaf has been producing creative and design solutions for customers across the globe for over 20 years. His Factor Design agency has a rich heritage in the paper industry – establishing the brand identity, look, feel and essence of many of Europe’s leading paper manufacturers and distributors.

Jörg Schweigert

Jorg was inspiration behind Romerturm, Germany’s leading provider of fine and premium papers. His knowledge of fine, premium and specialty papers knows no bounds. From bespoke Japanese handmade papers to environmental printing and publishing grades from the USA, Jorg will have the knowledge and the expertise to advise and inform. Jorg’s operational excellence is the driving force behind Metapaper and the provision of a simple, fast and efficient e-commerce engine which enables printers, designers and communicators to access high quality paper and print products and information at the touch of a button.

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