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superkolor – Grafikdesign + Risographie

Lindberghweg 131, 48155 Münster

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Superkolor ist das Studio für Grafikdesign & Risographie von den Brüdern Julian und Hendrik Klein. Wir beraten, gestalten und setzen Designkonzepte digital und im Print um. Unsere Schwerpunkte sind Corporate Design, Branding, Risographie und aussagekräftige digitale Auftritte.



Rough, Newsprint, Envelopes, Labels, Extrarough Recycling, Extrarough, Rough with 5% COLOR

Print projects

Address label, Sticker, Booklet, Envelopes - printed to the edge, Envelopes - nearly printed to the edge, Unprinted Envelopes, Brochure, Book, Invitation card, Flyer, Calendar, Catalogue, Magazine, Poster, Packaging, Business card

Printing technology

Risography, Special colour, White Ink, Creasing/Scoring

Order size

Small orders (up to 100) personalised, Small orders (up to 100) standardised, Mid-size order (up to 1.000) standardised, Big-size order (> 1.000) standardised


Carbon Neutral

Contact data


superkolor – Grafikdesign + Risographie
Lindberghweg 131
48155 Münster

Contact person

Hendrik Klein
Phone: +49 179 907 6319

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