World premiere: EXTRAMATT Coldwhite

Products 02/20/2018

"Extramatt Coldwhite Visual"

After more than one year in development, Metapaper introduces EXTRAMATT Coldwhite – the world’s whitest measured coated paper. The 160 CIE Whiteness is 28% whiter than regular matt machine-coated paper.

EXTRAMATT Coldwhite presents a clean, natural white shade without displaying any of the bluish hue often associated with high white. The result is a sheet which accepts and reproduces all images cleanly and evenly.

An extremely open, super-matt, surface delivers a haptic effect – designed to engage the senses. Sensory stimulation was a developmental goal in the creation of the paper – recognizing that a more open and tactile paper engages the senses and the more sensory engagement the more effective the communication. The substantial feel of the paper is further enhanced with a high specific volume of 1.15 which delivers 35% more paper feeling at the same basis weight when compared to a sub-volume machine coated paper.

The tactile experience also further enhances the excellent print quality – the coating formula containing components of real art paper.

As with all Metapaper papers, EXTRAMATT Coldwhite is FSC®-certified and suited to cross platform printing – offset, indigo and dry toner – whilst extensive print-testing with Metapaper print partners found high light stability, very good folding properties and high rigidity.

EXTRAMATT Coldwhite is available at the Metapaper online shop in substances ranging from 115gsm to 400gsm and in all sizes from A4 to 72x102. Paper can be purchased online in small quantities without a minimum quantity surcharge.

The new paper also fits seamlessly into the Metapaper logic and can be perfectly combined with the wider Metapaper portfolio of Coldwhite uncoated papers, labels and envelopes.

 Olaf Stein, Creative Director of Metapaper adds: "The challenge in printed brand communication is to increase measurability or creative effectiveness. With machine coated papers we have the problem that many of these products have become interchangeable and can therefore no longer can be used in premium brand communication. EXTRAMATT no matter whether in White or Coldwhite is in our view the new standard for coated paper in the area of brand communication. The price position is also very attractive – due to increasing quantities and our current 129€ per 100kg indent fits into nearly every budget."

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