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Do you want to print digitally on a classy, white transparent paper? Then our TRANSPARENT Cromatico - the undisputed market leader for transparent paper - is the right choice for you.

TRANSPARENT Cromatico is available in 110 gsm, 150 gsm and 200 gsm and always in 32x46 format with a silver stripe on the two short sides of each sheet (print format is therefore 32x44) so that the printing machine can also recognise the sheet.

In our technical notes you will find good tips on printing on the HP Indigo, toner digital printing (e.g. Canon, Kodak Nexpress, Konica, Xerox, etc.) and offset with and without UV.

TRANSPARENT Cromatico can be finished with a hot foil - the 200 gsm basis weight is ideal for embossing, varnishing, creasing, folding and binding. You can also find all the tips on this in the technical information.

Typical applications are, of course, separating pages in magazines, but the paper also works excellently as a cover for brochures and as a design element for cards of all kinds.

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