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Heesterseweg 13, 5386 KT Geffen

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Wihabo is a Dutch printing company, located in Geffen. The family business is founded in 1986 by Willy and Hans Bosch. This is also where the name ‘Wihabo’ comes from: Wi-Ha-Bo. As a printing company we’re known for printing high volume unique and personalised prints, for local and international clients, including Tony’s Chocolonely.

Products we print vary from cards, books, flyers, magazines, brochures, packaging and tenders to personalized giftboxes, sleeves and chocolate wrappers. In almos all of our processes we apply customization to deliver mass production.

Wihabo aims to be one of the most complete printing companies, with printing, ennobling and finishing all under one roof. The HP Indigo 100K delivers mass production printing, while the one HP Indigo 12000 and two HP Indigo 7900 models focus mainly on specialty prints, like printing with white, fluorescent pink and food-save ink. For printing on hard and flexible substrates such as wood and corrugated cardboard we use a HP Latex R1000 flatbedprinter. With this printing fleet we are given the opportunity to make new and very special, personalized products!

Our entire production is equipped for digitally printing and finishing on large format sheets (B2-format). With our Scodix Ultra2 Pro with Foil we are able to ennoble printings digitally, and with our Highcon Euclid III and Zünd we can digitally cuts and crease the printed matter. Our Kama ProFold is able to fold and glue boxes, envelopes, folders etc. and also insert vouchers, cards and samples into an envelope or pocket. One of our latest additions to our machine park is the Horizon Smartstacker which cuts and scores the printed sheets into a finished product. Blank sheets are taken out and everything is neatly gathered and stacked in the correct order.

Thanks to these machines and our people knowing their business, we simply make special printing possible!


Ordering online at Wihabo is always tailor-made. We believe that a custom-designed ordering environment is much more user-friendly than a webshop with standard products and prices.

Does your organization have a lot of printed matter? And do you think it can all be arranged a lot more efficiently? We know for sure. Contact us so we can show you how easy it is!

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Extrarough Recycling, Extramatt Recycling, Extramatt, Photo, Newsprint, ecoFIBRES + COLORS, Extrasmooth Recycling, Extrarough, Smooth, Extrasmooth, Multiloft, Top (Multiloft 150 + 190 gsm)


PEFC, Renewable Energy Use > 50%, FSC, ISO 14001

Printing technology

HP Indigo A2+ Format, Print data check, HP Indigo A2+ Format, Hybrid Printing (Offset & Digital), Special colour, White Ink, Creasing/Scoring

Processing / Finishing

Cellophane, Punching / Die Cutting, Lasercutting, Embossing, Hot Foil, Perforation, Relief Printing, Lettershop

Print projects

Printfarm, Address label, Sticker, Report, Book on Demand / Print on Demand, Booklet, Brochure, Book, Invitation card, Flyer, Stationery, Calendar, Catalogue, Magazine, Mailing, Folder, Poster, Packaging, Business card, Newspapers


Perfect binding, Saddle stitching, Wire-O-Binding, Soft Cover, Japanese binding

Order size

Small orders (up to 100 copies) personalised, Small orders (up to 100 copies) standardised, Mid-size order (up to 1.000) personalised, Mid-size order (up to 1.000) standardised, Big-size order (> 1.000) personalised


Contact data


Heesterseweg 13
5386 KT Geffen

Contact person

Stephan Bombeeck

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