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Letterjazz Print-Studio

Girardetstraße 76, 45131 Essen

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It all started around ten years ago with a single platen printing press in a garage. Today we are a colorful team of print and paper lovers who take great care in realizing letterpress ideas from international customers every day.

Printing with color and at the same time embossing deeply delivers an aesthetic that is still quite new, although it is realized with machines that are decades old.

At Letterjazz, printing forms are made from the customer's data so that digitally implemented designs can be flawlessly printed with 50s letterpress printing machines. Compared to today's technology, letterpress printing is astonishingly versatile, because you can not only print, but also punch, emboss, number, emboss with hot foil, perforate and crease paper.



Extrarough Recycling, Extramatt, ecoFIBRES + COLORS, ecoFIBRES, COLORS, Extrasmooth Recycling, Extrarough, Rough, Smooth, Extrasmooth, Pure Cotton, Embossed (Leather, Linen, Micro, Stone, Wood), Rough with 5% COLOR, Envelopes, Labels

Print projects

Printfarm, NFC, Address label, Sticker, Envelopes - printed to the edge, Envelopes - nearly printed to the edge, Unprinted Envelopes, Invitation card, Stationery, Calendar, Folder, Poster, Packaging, Business card

Printing technology

Print data check, Letterpress, Manual screen-printing, Special colour, Creasing/Scoring


Wire-O-Binding, Swiss binding

Processing / Finishing

Punching / Die Cutting, Embossing, Hot Foil, Perforation, Coloured Edge

Order size

Small orders (up to 100 copies) personalised, Small orders (up to 100 copies) standardised, Mid-size order (up to 1.000) standardised, Big-size order (> 1.000) standardised

Contact data


Letterjazz Print-Studio
Girardetstraße 76
45131 Essen

Contact person

Sven Winterstein
Phone: +49 201 95 99 76-0

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