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Gut zum Druck

Düsseldorfer Straße 9a, 40822 Mettmann

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I design all kinds of printed matter and also print on my Heidelberg crucible myself. This enables me to offer my customers the all-round carefree package, as there is no interface between design and printing.

At Gut zum Druck you get the combination of advice, design and letterpress from a single source - that makes the difference to the conventional processes in the realization of your printed matter.

Whether mourning correspondence, invitations, business cards or letters - I implement your wishes with empathy and joy.



Extramatt, Silk Recycling, ecoFIBRES + COLORS, ecoFIBRES, COLORS, Extrarough Recycling, Extrasmooth Recycling, Extrarough, Rough, Smooth, Extrasmooth, Pure Cotton, Embossed (Leather, Linen, Micro, Stone, Wood), Rough with 5% COLOR, Envelopes

Print projects

Printfarm, Envelopes - printed to the edge, Envelopes - nearly printed to the edge, Unprinted Envelopes, Invitation card, Stationery, Mailing, Business card

Printing technology

Print data check, Letterpress, Special colour, Creasing/Scoring

Processing / Finishing

Punching / Die Cutting, Embossing

Order size

Small orders (up to 100 copies) personalised, Small orders (up to 100 copies) standardised, Mid-size order (up to 1.000) personalised, Mid-size order (up to 1.000) standardised, Big-size order (> 1.000) standardised

Contact data


Gut zum Druck
Düsseldorfer Straße 9a
40822 Mettmann

Contact person

Verena Böndel
Phone: +49 (0) 170 295 77 73

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