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Your newspaper in three simple steps.

Configure your newspaper.

Choose your desired format, the number of pages, your colors - colored or black and white - and your favorite paper. Ranging from NEWSPRINT to EXTRAROUGH.

Check the price...

As soon as you configured your newspaper, you can choose the desired quantity, display the corresponding price and upload your print PDF.

... and print.

Your print data will be submitted to the printer, your paper is also on the way, and your newspaper will be printed and delivered as quickly as possible. And you? You can start preparing coffee to read the newspaper with.

A few practical tips

  • Our newspapers are available in many different formats from 144 x 144 mm (open) to 672 x 478 mm (open).
  • Your newspaper will be printed on an HP Indigo with HD head. It doesn't get any better than this.
  • Thanks to digital printing, the minimum quantity is 1 newspaper.
  • With the newspaper, the paper is folded and interleaved. A newspaper is therefore not bound in the classic sense (no perfect binding, no saddle stitching, etc.).
  • The newspaper is delivered in your chosen format. If you want any additional folds, please do let us know.
  • Your newspaper can be produced from all the papers in the configurator. Our NEWSPRINT is, of course, the paper that creates the most original newspaper character.
  • Production time is 7-10 days. At peak season, Christmas, it may take a few days longer.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Agency-Portfolio: Same but different.

The portfolio of the Hamburg design agency Factor printed on NEWSPRINT 80 gsm in an edition of 40 copies.

METANEWS - Full attention to the Printfarm.

Our first own newspaper: The METANEWS. Printed in an edition of 1,500 copies. On NEWSPRINT 80 gsm with 12 pages.

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