Green Responsibility

Products 03/23/2023

Metapaper Green Responsibility

Sustainability is without doubt the major topic of our time. But what is Metapaper's sustainability position? Our focus is very clear and simple - identifying two major input factors in paper production: fiber and energy.

Fiber. All the papers in our portfolio are produced from sustainable forestry, recycled fiber, alternative fibers or upcycled from products. In the course of this, we gradually increase the proportion of recycled and upcycled fibers in our product range and simultaneously reduce the proportion of virgin fibers. Take EXTRAMATT Coldwhite, for example, which will be replaced by EXTRAMATT RECYCLING Coldwhite.

Energy. Paper production is an incredible energy intensive process. For this reason, we insist upon maximizing the use of renewable energies. Our EXTRAROUGH and EXTRASMOOTH papers, in particular, are produced using 100% wind energy. Using wind energy significantly reduces the CO2 balance compared to papers produced using fossil fuels.

If you want to know more about the positive steps we are taking to preserve the planet, visit our complete "green responsibilty" statement. Here you will find a one-page summary of all our sustainability activities and information.

If you have any suggestions on what more we can do to improve our sustainability position, or what we can do better, please do contact us. We would be delighted to learn and exchange ideas and best practices with you.

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