Here you find all relevant downloads for the Printfarm

Templates EXTRAROUGH envelopes

Envelope 170x170 mm (1 MB)

C6 envelope without window 114x162 mm (1 MB)

B6 envelope 125x176 mm (1 MB)

DL envelope without window. 110x220 mm (1 MB)

DL envelope with window. 110x220 mm (1 MB)

C5 envelope without window 162x229 mm (1 MB)

C4 envelope with window. 229x324 mm (1 MB)

C4 envelope without window 229x324 mm (1 MB)

C4 envelope 324x229mm outside print (498 KB)

Envelope C6 162x114mm outside-print (18 KB)

Envelope C6 162x114mm inside-print (18 KB)

Riso - Colors and Templates

Riso_all_colors_2020_10.pdf (367 KB)

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