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Sustainability is an important and complex issue which is all too often reduced to ecological sustainability and certifications. In our opinion sustainability is far more diffused and differentiated. We examine sustainability within three core pillars: social, economic and environmental. 

When approaching issues of sustainability, within the context of the three pillars, it is advisable to define a target that can compare and contrast a company’s actions and activities with the general status of the industry. As Metapaper we have identified the following goals:  

  • Price transparency for all of our customers
  • Price competitiveness for all our customers – whilst enabling our operation to be profitable and progressive
  • Price compatibility for our paper mill and print partners – only through profitability can we all invest in the future
  • Compliance with social standards at our mill partners and listed printers
  • Clearly communicate the rationale for print-shop listing with Metapaper
  • 100% use of renewable energies
  • FSC®-certification for all wood-fibre based products (FSC®: SGSCH-COC-009212)
  • Reduction of CO2 as far and as fast as possible

And here is our dedicated sustainability statement with all the hard facts.

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