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Smooth + Silk (Postcard)

SMOOTH + SILK is our packaging allrounder. You might think that this is slightly overstated, but SMOOTH + SILK is not just an exceptional board; its design is also unique.

One side of the board is made of chromo-sulphate with a matt satin finish. This is the SILK. The material displays fantastic folding features, a high level of stiffness, good printability and perfect processing characteristics. In other words: Everything you expect from a top-quality packaging grade. SILK is available in white shade.

The back-side of the board is the SMOOTH - a smooth uncoated paper. SMOOTH is available in three white shades: Coldwhite, White and Warmwhite.

SMOOTH + SILK combined offers a packaging material with a grammage of 325 gsm. The material is perfectly suited for top-quality folding boxes and external packaging. In most applications the SILK finish is on the outside to benefit from its extraordinary printing, finishing and folding qualities.

SMOOTH + SILK is also a good choice for brochure or magazine covers where it is desirable that the paper does not crack on the outside and where inside pages and the book block are presented in perfect colour harmony. 

SMOOTH + SILK is suited to all print processes and for small and medium-size print runs. Ideal for customized high-quality packaging projects and of course for all types of cards. Since SMOOTH + SILK is produced especially for us, you may have to wait a bit longer for your delivery. But it is worth it. 

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