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Metapaper in partnership with the Zerkall paper mill - first officially mentioned as a water driven mill in 1512 exactly 500 years before our founding – have developed the first genuine mouldmade paper product line for offset, digital, Riso and letterpress printing.

All finished products within the CRAFT portfolio display a luxurious rough surface a unique deckle-edge finish on all sides and is presented in a traditional Warmwhite shade with no optical brightening agents to ensure no yellowing over time.

The beautiful portfolio is perfectly suited to high-quality and individual stationery concepts, art-prints, image brochures and look-booklets. The portfolio comprises five products:

  • A3 260gsm with natural deckle-edges on all sides. Ideal for covers or art prints.
  • A4 100gsm with natural deckle-edges on all sides. Ideal for letterheads and booklets.
  • Four A5 cards on A3 250gsm. Thanks to dividing waterlines the cards will keep their natural deckle edges on all sides after folding and tearing them into single or double cards.
    To find out how to do this please view the short “help” video below.
  • Six cards DL (97x208 mm) 240gsm with the above-mentioned waterline for natural deckle-edges on every card.
  • 10 business cards (55x85 mm) on A4 260gsm also with waterlines.

We recommend our EXTRAROUGH Warmwhite envelopes as the perfect companion.

All CRAFT papers are suited to digital printing – both dry-toner and HP Indigo (NB: The papers are not HP Indigo certified but have been extensively tested by Metapaper/Zerkall and found to be good.) CRAFT is also suited to Risography, offset printing - here we recommend small-format offset - and letterpress.

Metapaper CRAFT warmwhite is available from 10 sheets in our web-shop1512 goes digital!

How to separate natural deckle edge paper with waterlines.

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